The Ultimate Simple, Tiny, Yet Powerful Data Tracker

Use Kublet to check the weather, your favorite coin, wallet, UST yield, blood sugar, NFTs, network stats, calendar and more!

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Track Data In Real Time

Connect your phone, select from our wide collection of apps, and sync. Fetch data over WiFi or BLE. Track coins, forex, NFTs, wallets, CGM, sports scores, weather, train times, Grafana, Splunk, CPU stats, and more.

Small, Modular, Modern Design For The Home And Office

No more than 1.6 inches (4cm) wide, Kublet's small cube-shaped design is sleek and looks gorgeous in your home or office. It is small enough to fit most places such as your kitchen, shelf, front desk, bathroom, or even your PC.

Each kublet can be joined together vertically and horizontally via internal magnets. So you can stack them on top of each other and literally build a physical dashboard at your desk!

Customizable & Secure

Open API and Open Ecosystem

Send your own data to your kublet's server endpoint by running our Open API firmware and choose from a wide range of UI presets to display your data.

Know how to program and want to monitor data not yet on our platform? Build apps and share it with the community if you like. Let your creativity run wild with Kublet. Learning to code? Kublet is the perfect learning tool for beginners.

Fully unlocked firmware so even if we're not around, Kublet can still continue to work.


Easy To Setup


Select your app, then choose from our preset UIs, from our app.


Configure settings and Wi-Fi.


Select your kublet via BLE and sync.

Kublet Helps You Monitor Data Instantly

Spend less time checking your phone and managing multiple browser tabs trying to monitor important data.

With Kublet, you'll be able to monitor critical data with only a glance. That's a lot of productivity gained by having a tiny companion screen at your desk.

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